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I’ve always been intrigued by machines that transport people and things. I remember spotting those neat new little cars with round taillights zipping around my hometown of Los Angeles in the late 60’s. By the early 70’s, during high school in Santa Barbara, I discovered the BMW 2002tii in a copy of Road & Track magazine. That was it! So, after a year of College at Cornell University College of Engineering, I transferred to UC San Diego to return to the sun, water, and warmth of Southern California. It was time to buy my first car so I chose a 1971 BMW 2002 (I couldn’t afford the extra $500 for a tii). I was hooked and I still drive it today.

After finishing my engineering degree, I worked for a number of years in the oil related industry. While working on an MBA part time, I found myself helping friends with their BMW’s for some extra cash. Before I knew it, Marco Polo Independent BMW was created in 1985 on Rushville St. in La Jolla, CA.

After years of various iterations of the business, and a three year departure, part of which involved BMW and Mercedes Benz software, I am back in the village of La Jolla and loving it. I live in La Jolla with my wife Janet (Hire) of thirty three years and we have three sons: Bryson, Giorgio & Jeremy. We also have too many BMW’s, want one?


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