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BMW & MINI Auto Services

Marco Polo Independent has been servicing BMW and BMW built MINI automobiles in the La Jolla area for over 30 years, providing automotive maintenance, repairs, and improvements for all years of BMW and MINI models.

Our experienced staff of mechanics and quality of workmanship, has earned us a reputation amongst our customers for having reliable auto services at affordable prices. Come experience the Marco Polo difference for yourself.

Who are We?

I’ve always been intrigued by machines that transport people and things. I remember spotting those neat new little cars with round taillights zipping around my hometown of Los Angeles in the late 60’s.

What We Do?

We have the capability and experience to ensure the best service for your BMW or MINI. You can trust us to get the job done right. There is no need to wait days or weeks for dealership appointments!

Why Us?

After years of various iterations of the business, and a three year departure, part of which involved BMW and Mercedes Benz software, I am back in the village of La Jolla and loving it.



“I am still driving my 1978 BMW because of the superior workmanship of Marco Polo BMW. He has traced parts for my car all over the world. When repairing older vehicles, he is careful to replacing parts so as not to disturb or break an adjacent part. He can troubleshoot the most obscure mechanical problems; he even attaches a microphone to the car to pinpoint the exact location of a hidden rattle or thump.There is no one else in San Diego, and probably in all of California, who is better at diagnosing or repairing a BMW than Marco!”
– Laurie, Coronado

Owners note: Laurie is the longest ongoing customer who, besides me, is still driving the same car since 1985!

“It is like car service meets a 5 star hotel in terms of how well you are treated.  I cannot possibly say enough about this guy.  I personally have never experienced anything like this with respect to an auto service center or any other type of service business, other than top notch hotels.”
Shawn, San Diego

“You want the best BMW service in San Diego.  This is it.  Honestly I can’t think of anything better.  Marco is a one man shop…or should I say show?  He’s readily accessible by phone and always takes more than enough time to explain the problems and solutions with my BMW.”
– Jimmy, San Diego

“I recommend Marco Polo to every BMW driver, owner, and enthusiast. I have been going to this shop since I had my license. My car currently has 195,000 miles on it, running strong thanks to Marco. I bought the car with 100,000 miles and have maintained it at his shop through the hardest part of its life (100,000 plus) What separates this shop from others, for one, he is a BMW specialist, meaning he has seen virtually every problem that arises with classic and newer BMWs.”
Matthew, San Diego


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